Casino Design 101: Why Design Matters!

We have all heard that having a good design really matters, though not all of us have stopped to really think why. Designers know why and so do the people who do advertising, not to mention the financial department, when they see the results pre and post advertising and after a good design has been implemented.

Casinos are among the first businesses that really leaned into design, from brick and mortar casinos to online ones. Any casino, from various casinos with Mozzart bonus codes, to Sands, the Bellagio, Macau casinos and every other, has to have good design, otherwise they would not really retain their customers. 

Here are a couple of reasons why casinos must have great design in order to succeed.

The Focus

Every casino does a couple of things similarly. Firstly, no casino will have a window. No lights from the outside, nothing that will tell you what time it is. Secondly, no casino will have a clock or any device that will tell you the time. This is an important part of making a casino prosperous. 

The casino has to do everything in their power to keep you focused on the tables and slots. Hence, no windows and no clocks, nothing that will give you an idea of what time is. That is entirely up to you, to tell the time and be responsible, which is what you should be doing when you partake in any gambling activity.


Every casino works on its themes, to make things a lot nicer for the visitors. Whether you are going for a Venice theme, think the Venetian, or something more akin to Paris, you have casinos that have done it. Smaller casinos usually don’t have to go that far, but decorations which set the mood will be helpful.

Themes are often picked according to the local popular culture. Some people prefer things which are local, familiar. Patriotism typically plays into these themes, as do local popular sports. In the USA, basketball, baseball, hockey and football play a much larger role than in England, where anything from tennis to equestrianism to cricket, are very popular sports.

There are other things which can be used for themes, that when used appropriately, can really set a great atmosphere.

Sounds and Visuals (of the Tables and Slots)

The tables and slots are made to attract attention and keep one’s eyes and ears in the game. The slots are basically designer science at their best. They make noise, shoot lights at you, all the things that tell us, keep going, you are eventually going to win. A small win is still a win, no matter how many coins you inserted into the machine.

Tables, on the other hand, typically have a very cheerful atmosphere around them. They are well lit and the object of the game is always visible and front and center. It is all made to keep your eyes on the prize, or rather, supposed prize.

Casino design is really important, online and offline, and these are some of the things that are done to keep your focus on gambling at all times. Design has power.